In the spring of 1981, Bob Champion, with his wife, Carol, and their children, Eric and Capril, moved to Live Oak, Fla., with a vision from God to establish a family church, a teaching center, and a world outreach center. At the same time, God began to bring together a group of people who loved God, who desired a closer walk with Him, and who could share the Champions' vision.

The un-compromised Word of God is the strength of the foundation upon which this ministry has been built. In the belief that a Christian must be knowledgeable of God’s Word -- and be a doer of the Word in order to be an overcomer in life -- the Word was and continues to be taught in every aspect of the ministry. 

The former Brim Funeral Home housed the first sanctuary, bookstore, and school situated on 1.65 acres. In 1984 the former Allbritton home located on 3.7 acres was purchased for the purpose of relocating Melody Christian Academy and expanding the children's ministry.


In September 1985, Pastor Bob and his family moved to Phenix City, Ala., to pastor a church and later to Daytona Beach, Fla., to found and pastor Victory Christian Center.

During this transition period, Frank Davis was appointed pastor of Melody. He and his wife, Amanda, have faithfully served the church since then. Jim and Dee Montgomery became children’s pastors in 1983, and Chris Musgrove became youth pastor in 1985.


In May 1988, Melody moved into a new 8,000-square-foot sanctuary. With the addition of the 

10-acre “promised land” in 1990, the church property grew to 20 acres. Other significant events have been the acquisition of interest in WOLR 91.3 FM in 1992 followed by complete acquisition in 1997; the construction of the athletic facility in 1993; the successful completion of the “move-on-up” project, which expanded facilities including the fellowship hall and the sanctuary for children and youth services; and the renovation of the existing building. 

In June 2012, Pastor Darrin Baldwin was appointed pastor. Darrin, along with his wife, Laura, are continuing to build upon the strong foundation that was laid 35 years ago.