Pastor Darrin Baldwin

Three words that describe you best: Inward, communicator, and positive

What are your favorite hobbies? Music -- playing and listening to it. Every kind of music speaks to me. I also like art -- even though I don't own much of it. I love food! Eating it and cooking it. I am so intrigued by the endless ingredients that are in this world. I would love to go to a cooking school of some kind. I like to travel. There is something so appealing to me about being in an airport getting ready to go somewhere new or loading up the car to drive somewhere we've never been. I also like people-watching. I am always enthralled by people's behaviors, personalities, and mannerisms. I can sit in a mall and watch 10,000 people go by and never get bored.

What can we find on your iPod? Billy Joel, Bill Withers, Jesus Culture, Johnny Cash, Frank Sinatra, Johnny Ace, Gladys Knight, Hank Williams Jr. and Sr., Clay Walker, Hillsong, Kenneth Hagin, Keith Moore

What is your vision for Melody Church? Turn the world upside down ... and I mean it!



Laura Baldwin - Co-Pastor

Three words that describe you best: Organized, multi-tasker, and generous

What are your favorite hobbies? I enjoy shopping ... especially for my kids. I am a puzzle geek! I could spend the entire day putting a puzzle together and love every minute of it. I also love coming up with creative video concepts and putting them together for our church and school.

What can we find on your iPod? I'm a Pandora radio gal! Israel Houghton and Jesus Culture are the two stations that are almost always playing in my car, house, or classroom.

What is your vision for Melody Church? My vision is to have a thriving church filled with real people who want to make a lasting impact on our community and the world. I see a group of people who are excited about reaching out to those around them. I also envision our church full of people who are growing in the Word and seeing the Word work for them in every area of life.




Pastor Ted Frazier - Youth Pastor

Three words that describe you best: Funny, energetic, loving, and loud! lol

What are your favorite hobbies?  Starbucks...lots of it!!! Running. Hanging with friends and family.

What can we find on your iPod? Well, actually my iPod was stollen in Guatemala but my 3 favorite groups to listen to are Hillsong, Toby Mac, and Bethel Worship.

What is your vision for the youth of Melody Church? To reach, invest, impart, challenge, and see God change the youth of this generation. Ephesians 3:20-21 



Pastor Skyler Phillips - Children's Pastor

Three words that describe you best: Energetic, optimistic, funny.

What are your favorite hobbies? I enjoy fishing, hunting, and spending time with family. I love sports and being outside any way possible. I like to garden and cook, especially grilling or barbecuing. Finally, I love to travel! I will go anywhere I can just to learn about a new culture or way of living.

What can we find on your iPod? Newsboys, Chris Tomlin, Capital Kings, and any other contemporary Christian music that will give me a chance to jam out! I also have country like Luke Bryan, Brad Paisley, Blake Shelton, and any other Country singer in the new age style.

What is your vision for Melody Church? To reach out to the world and provide a fun and safe place for families to come together and get lost in God's Word while transforming their lives.



Heidi Hofer - Outreach Coordinator and Connections Pastor

Three words that describe you best: Faithful, loyal, and fun

What are your favorite hobbies? I love to do crafty things like scrapbook and make hair bows, jewelry and other girly things. I also enjoy spending time with my kids and traveling. Our family especially loves the beach!

What can we find on your iPod? Hillsong, Johnny Cash, Rascal Flatts, Lady Antebellum, Bobby Hofer, Diamond Rio

What is your vision for Melody Church? To become a people-first ministry. I want to see Melody reach all of Live Oak and surrounding communities with God's love in a practical way.



Traci Green - Worship Leader

Three words that describe you best: compassionate, selfless, energetic

What are your favorite hobbies? SINGING-it's more than just a hobby for me..it's my passion, my purpose, my calling. I also love to fish.  I like any and all sports, anything artsy (Art Teacher here), and spending time with my family.  We are an on-the-go kind of family.  So, we make a hobby out of whatever we are doing!

What can we find on your iPod?  Kari Jobe, Kim Walker, Bethel, Israel Houghton, Jesus Culture, Newsboys, The Perrys, Sisters, The Crabb Family, Delivered.....the list goes on and on....

What is your vision for Melody Church? My vision is everyone finding their purpose and using it for God's kingdom.  I see Melody Church in abundance in all areas-outreach, kids, youth, adults, pastoring, preaching, and music.  I see God exploding His glory on Melody Church, and, in turn, Melody Church exploding God's glory on others.



Jeremiah Ross - Worship Leader

Three words that describe you best: laid back, observant, worshiper by nature

What are your favorite hobbies? My favorite hobbies include playing basketball-watching the Spurs and Lakers play!  Recording music, watching football, and traveling.

What can we find on your iPod?  Lots of Sam Cooke, Jason Crabb, Michael McDonald, and of course Jeremiah Ross! 

What is your vision for Melody Church? The vision I have for both the youth and adult ministry is to see a thriving international team of leaders of every ethnicity and background to carry out the will of God in every area of ministry - to spread the message of salvation throughout the world. To give a hope and a future to those who are without.