Pumpkin Patch

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Our Daily Outreach

Melody Thrift Store

We have had over 100 Community service workers this past year come and do hours at Melody Thrift. This is one of our biggest areas of ministry because it gives us an opportunity to sow seeds into the lives of people that are clearly hurting. This year we have also had a huge increase of youth doing community service hours as well. We always try and talk to them and also make sure they all know they are invited to Revolution Youth.

We have continued to sow into the following community organizations (giving them gift certificates for their clients to come and shop freely for needs): Pregnancy Care Center, Vivid Visions, Love In the Name of Christ, The Arc North Florida and both the Live Oak Police Department and Suwannee County Sheriff’s Office.  On several occasions the victim’s advocate for the sheriff’s office stopped by and was able to meet immediate needs in some serious cases she was handling.  

The Partnership for Strong Families has also reached out to us multiple times where we were able to provide clothing for children who had just been removed from their families.  We have bus drivers and school nurses from the public school system that have reached out to get clothing for needy children. Our thrift store also has a food pantry. Every month we have helped several families with emergency food until they were able to get into a food program.  

Each day we are here we love on and help in some way a multitude of people.  We have widows that come in just to hear us tell them that we love them. We have older folks stop in daily just to visit. Young moms to help find clothes for their children. It is truly a daily ministry.

If you would like to volunteer at the Thrift Store you can contact us at (386)-688-6611


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