Melody Kids

Sunday 10:00AM

Our Vision

The vision of Melody Kid's is to develop leaders who turn the world upside down!


We minister to babies, toddlers, and children.

We provide a safe, nurturing, and loving enviroment for children.


We partner with families to help lay the foundation for a lifelong commitment to the kingdom of God and will help children to grow in their knowledge of who God is and what He has planned for their lives. 


We know that God places gifts, talents, and abilities inside of each child and we will strive to help your child discover and develop those gifts.


We also help train children to be led by the Holy Spirit and to flow

in the gifts of the Spirit.


We welcome and include children with special needs and do our best to provide support for their families.


Melody is a family church and it is our goal to ensure that every member of the family is growing spiritually!



Callie Williams

Children's Director

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